Do you ever find yourself wishing you could have more Kiss on your mobile device, but in ways having less to do with music and more to do with destroying a demon invasion that threatens the world? Well, now there's an app for that.

The latest in the tie-in-happy band's ever-growing series of licensed products is an appearance in Sega's 'Demon Tribe' game, which recently made its debut as a free download for iOS devices. Promising to thrust players "into an intense real-time blend of MOBA, Card Collection and RPG gaming," 'Demon Tribe' asks that you "build a powerful team of fighters by capturing demons and fusing them into the ultimate power: magic that transforms you and your tribe into the very demons you must vanquish."

What does this have to do with Kiss? Not much, admittedly. But that hasn't stopped the band from giving Sega permission to create a pair of "rare demons" based on Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, which you can earn by completing a tutorial and "[sharing] the exciting launch of 'Demon Tribe' to your Facebook or Twitter profile from within the game!" To download the game to your device, just follow this link.

Somewhat surprisingly, given their eagerness to stamp their likenesses on all manner of unlikely products, Kiss have been relatively inactive on the video-game front; the 'Demon Tribe' deal represents the band's first foray into gaming since 2000's somewhat infamous 'Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child,' a first-person shooter in which a Kiss tribute band battles with newly acquired superhuman powers.

But according to comments made by Simmons in a 2012 interview, that will soon change. Explaining that they've "stayed out of the marketplace because the ideas simply weren’t exciting enough," he promised, "While the gaming world is waiting for the KISS games that are going to explode, we’re busy taking the brand to places where no band has gone before ... We’re talking with Angry Birds, Kiss and Angry Birds, which will become a deal."

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