There are more Kiss love songs than you might expect from a group full of fire-breathing, space traveling, leather-wearing groupie magnets. Now, we're not talking about "Makin' Love" or declaring yourself to be "Dr. Love" or even boasting about loving it loud. No, the focus here is squarely on romantic lyrics that even your grandmother could endorse – provided she doesn't catch Gene Simmons doing all those sinful things with his tongue while he plays them. Here's our attempt to win over your makeup-covered little hearts: a list of the Top Kiss Love Songs.

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    From: 'Hot in the Shade' (1989)

    Yes, the much-mocked Michael Bolton helped write it, and yes, the production on this particular Kiss love song is decidedly saccharine. Still, there's a reason this is one of the biggest-selling tracks in "Kisstory": Paul Stanley takes a strong melody and sings the hell out of it, complete with a surprising amount of emotion and nuance.

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    "Every Time I Look at You"

    From: 'Revenge' (1992)

    1992's 'Revenge' found Kiss re-visiting their proper sonic stomping grounds for the first time in a decade, with a hard-hitting collection of riff-based rockers. Still, perhaps remembering the success of 'Forever,' they found time to invite a string section over to record this tasteful ballad, on which Stanley asks for forgiveness for unknown crimes of the heart.

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    From: 'Unmasked' (1980)

    Granted, the sunny, disco-influenced power-pop of the entire Unmasked album is a long way from the gritty rock of "Cold Gin" or "Deuce." Still, if you can forget who's singing it – or allow for some serious genre dabbling from a band who, let's face it, wears more makeup than Lady Gaga – it's hard to argue that "Tomorrow" doesn't feature one of the stronger choruses in the entire Kiss catalog.

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    "I Still Love You"

    From: 'Creatures of the Night' (1982)

    Perhaps the closest thing the band has to a straight-up blues number, this glacially-paced and quite thunderous Kiss love song was a highlight of their live shows for most of the makeup-free years. For six straight minutes, Stanley gets himself all tied up in mental and verbal knots as he regrets the one that got away. As if he'd be lonely for long.

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    "Speedin' Back to My Baby"

    From: 'Ace Frehley' (1978)

    If you expected Kiss' resident "spaceman" to deliver a straight-ahead romantic ballad you haven't been paying attention. Instead, this peppy little groover – from the best of the group's four simultaneous solo efforts – finds our hero burning rubber down the highway to deliver a personal apology for his jealous behavior. Of course, Ace being Ace, he encounters flat tires, dead batteries and empty gas tanks along the way.

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    "Anything for My Baby"

    From: 'Dressed to Kill' (1975)

    "I'm in love and I feel so good!" That's how sweetly and innocently Paul Stanley kicks off this roughly-stitched little gem from Kiss' third studio album. Things get a little more sinister when the Starchild – with eager backup from Gene Simmons – starts ticking off the list of things he'd do for his girl: Steal, cheat, wheel and deal, kill a man in cold blood. OK, we made the last one up.

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    "Comin' Home"

    From: 'Hotter Than Hell' (1974)

    If this young and – according to Mr. Stanley's own lyrics – extremely successful ladies man is to be believed on this love song bemoaning Kiss' early touring marathons, all he really wants to do is get back to his sweetheart's arms. "Hotels they all look the same / Just seem to drive me insane," he notes, "I've been to East and West / But baby I like best the road that leads to you."

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    "Love Her All I Can"

    From: 'Dressed to Kill' (1975)

    Early in their careers, long before the days of "Love Gun" and "Put your hand in your pocket / Grab onto my rocket," Kiss were surprisingly romantic, at least lyrically. As Peter Criss goes crazy with the cowbell, Stanley and Simmons spend their time dreaming about their girls and keeping careful lists of what makes them mad, sad and glad.

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    "Do You Love Me?"

    From: 'Destroyer' (1976)

    The adoration of millions of fans around the world is probably nice, sure, who wouldn't like that? But what Paul Stanley really wants on this pleading, thumping rocker is to be loved for who he is, without all the makeup, hotels, limousines and private planes. (You'll notice Gene Simmons, who was probably too busy adding to the world's most voluminous nudie photo collection around this time, doesn't sing on many of these Kiss love songs.)

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    From: 'Destroyer' (1976)

    The most popular and enduring Kiss love song of all time became a hit despite the band's best efforts. The delicately orchestrated ballad was originally relegated to the B-side of "Detroit Rock City." Luckily for the band, whose Destroyer album wasn't initially delivering on its big commercial expectations, an enterprising local radio DJ flipped the record over and sent the Peter Criss-sung track to the top of the charts. To everyone's surprise, "Beth" became the song that solidified the group's place among rock royalty.

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