Update 3/12: Both Carr's family and Kiss singer / guitarist Paul Stanley have denied that Carr's family is actually involved in this lawsuit. Get the full details here.

The family of the late Eric Carr, former drummer for Kiss, has filed a lawsuit against the group alleging that they are not being paid their proper royalties.

Carr joined the band in 1980 after original drummer Peter Criss was booted out, and stayed with them for the next decade and eight studio albums. Eventually, health problems forced him out of the group. Carr died in November of 1991 after suffering a brain aneurysm following a battle with cancer.

The heirs of Carr's estate claim that Kiss founders Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have been less than forthcoming concerning royalties dating back to the time of the drummer's death. According to the New York Post, the lawsuit states that they are entitled to somewhere between a five and 50 percent cut on four songs written by Carr -- including 'Carr Jam 1981' and 'Little Caesar.'

Apparently the family originally thought all the royalties should be coming from one source only, the publishing company ASCAP. They reportedly discovered that payments should have also been coming from two publishing firms, as well as Gene Simmons Worldwide Inc. “They thought they were getting it all from one source,” Robert Garson, the estate’s attorney, told the Post. Garson also claims to have discovered discrepancies in payments dating back to 1989, prior to Carr's death. Kiss declined requests for comment from the New York Post.