The members of Kansas have debuted "Visibility Zero," the second pre-release track from their upcoming The Prelude Implicit LP. The group premiered the track at Rolling Stone, with drummer Phil Ehart telling the magazine that the song came out of a contribution from producer and guitarist Zak Rizvi.

"Zak had written that song two years ago with just a melody that he played on a guitar," recalled Ehart. "The crux of what that meant I sent to [singer Ronnie Platt], and just said, 'It's amazing how people sometimes cannot see things that are right in front of their eyes.' So he started working on it, and when it was done, we all just kind of stood back and said, 'Whoa … this is strong in a lot of different ways.' So that's kind of where it started from, lyrically. I just kind of threw the seed out there. He's the one who did all the work and made it grow."

The Prelude Implicit, due Sept. 23 and available for pre-order now, marks the band's first album in more than 15 years — and their first since the 2014 exit of singer Steve Walsh, all of which made putting together a new set of songs even more daunting than usual. Happily, Ehart insists he and his bandmates can proudly stand behind the end results.

"We're just as surprised as everybody else by this record. I've had so many people say, 'No offense, but when guys your age put out an album, they're always kind of pitiful, and this is not a pitiful album – you guys did a great job,'" he laughed. "What we need is a couple hundred thousand people that feel that way and can get the word out, because there's really no other way to do it."

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