Ava Fabian, the wife of Journey guitarist Neal Schon is “very hurt” by the recent news about the affair her husband is having with Michaele Salahi, the former 'Housewives of D.C.' star.

Fabian, who was a 1986 Playboy Playmate, and Schon are still newlyweds, having just wed two months ago (July 2011) in Paris. The two were still together right before Journey's summer tour started, so this news is quite devastating to her, as she never suspected a thing. “This is very painful for me” she told TMZ on Sunday.

Michaele and her husband Tareq have quite a track record for stirring up trouble, creating drama all in the name of publicity. This stunt, however, has seemingly taken Tareq by surprise as much as Fabian. Given this most recent scandal, it's unlikely that either will take back their spouses with 'Open Arms' anytime soon.