New drama in the Journey camp surrounding guitarist Neal Schon's alleged affair with 'The Real Housewives of D.C.' star Michaele Salahi has surfaced, as if there wasn't enough already. After a week that saw Salahi's husband Tareq alert the authorities that his wife was missing and possibly kidnapped, only to find her on the road with Journey amid reports of an affair with Schon, Salahi filed for divorce and has now been banned from Journey shows. That's what we call adding insult to injury.

TMZ posted a security notice from the band's current tour which looks like an FBI Most Wanted ad and a mug shot! Security detail has been instructed to prevent Salahi from entering the backstage area for the rest of their tour. The warning is going to be posted at all venues on the rest of the band's tour.

The sign suggests that Salahi has a laminate for the tour, which would grant him the access to the band's private areas, thus compromising security. With all the drama surrounding his wife and Schon, things could get ugly and/or heated if Salahi shows up, so tour and venue personnel are required to hold Salahi and notify their supervisors if he is indeed spotted.

The fact that he is in possession of an all-access pass suggests that he had a previously positive relationship with the band. That has all gone out the window now that there appears to be a secret sexual relationship between Michaele and Schon.