More salacious details about the relationship between Journey guitarist Neal Schon and 'Real Housewives of D.C.' star Michaele Salahi have come to light. As we told you earlier, the fame-seeking blonde was thought to have been kidnapped. But it turns out she is actually with Schon on tour, and apparently, that's just the start of the story.

TMZ is reporting that Michaele bragged about the "wild sex" she participated in with the guitarist before she left her husband, Tareq Salahi. The two allegedly met in 1998, while she was engaged to Tareq. She and Schon supposedly sat on their instant attraction until 2009. But eventually, they couldn't keep their hands to themselves. A source told TMZ they have conducted a secret affair for two years now.

A rep for Journey actually said that Salahi and Schon met in 1995, not 1998, in which case they would have made one another's acquaintance prior to her engagement. Jeez, who can keep up with this tangled web?

TMZ also reports that the relationship between Salahi and Schon became so passionate that they made a secret pact to spend the rest of their lives together, even though both were married to other people. Schon has since divorced his wife. Here's where we beg the question: If it's a "secret pact," then how come someone outside of the twosome knows about it?

Salahi allegedly told a friend in 2009, after the relationship became a sexual one, how hard she had fallen for the guitarist. "I remember crying so hard once when I told Neal I couldn't see him. We promised one another that we would [...] grow old together into our 80's and always love and be there for one another."

There were also, reportedly, instances of sexting. We try to keep things PG-13 around here, so we won't print what was supposedly said, but it was certainly suggestive. Salahi also apparently wanted to keep the relationship secret so as not to share Schon with the world.

We didn't think we'd wake up this morning and find Neal Schon at the center of a sex scandal, real or exaggerated. Clearly, this story is spiraling out of control.

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