Remember the days when Journey would rock 'Don’t Stop Believin'' and 'Open Arms' with Steve Perry on lead vocals? Well, not only are those times long gone, but it seems Perry wants nothing to do with his former bandmates.

"We have tried and tried to reach out to him and we get crickets," Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain tells the Post Crescent. "It's all through the managers and lawyers right now, but we wish him the best. He’s been agreeable to most projects that come through, and he’s a silent alumnus, I guess."

On a sunnier note, Cain says Journey are honored by the fanfare they’re garnering from the younger generation, calling it “a shot in the arm.”

"We’ve been seeing younger fans over the years anyway, but having your song in ‘Rock of Ages’ and ‘Glee’ and ‘The Sopranos,' it fuels interest," remarks Cain. "We've been seeing the kids come without their parents, though. We put this band back together in ’98 without he who shall not be named [Perry], and we saw that right away.”

He adds that the band's family-friendly show is appealing to all generations. "The parents were bringing their kids to the shows, so we’ve always been sort of a family-oriented rock act to go see. They knew there wasn’t gonna be any expletive language. We’re not F-bombin’ on the microphone and stuff like that. It’s no Sammy Hagar show."

Journey are about to kick off a massive tour with Foreigner and Night Ranger that runs through the end of October. And Cain says there is no end in sight to the band's life on the road.

“I look at the Rolling Stones and say, if they can do this, we can do this. It’s just gotta be fun and you wanna feel like you mean something out there,” he says. "We’re grateful and humbled by it all really and glad we made it.”

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