Reports continue to indicate that she faces a long road to recovery, but it appears that Joni Mitchell may be returning home from the hospital soon.

While there's been no shortage of conflicting information since Mitchell was rushed into emergency care after being found unconscious in late March, it seems as though reports of her continued improvement were mostly accurate — excellent news for fans who feared the worst after hearing rumors that she'd fallen into a coma.

The Associated Press reports that Mitchell's court-appointed lawyer, Rebecca Thyne, recently appeared before a judge to request that her longtime friend Leslie Morris be appointed her conservator. The request, which was granted, gives Morris the ability to "confer with doctors and make decisions about Mitchell's treatment and lifestyle," but does not give her control over Mitchell's finances.

Morris stepped in on Mitchell's behalf by filing a petition with the court last week, stating that Mitchell has no relatives that can act as her conservator and "stating that her friend was unconscious and unable to make decisions about her care." A message on Mitchell's website refutes the "unconscious" part, but otherwise reaffirms Morris' role in her short-term care.

"Joni is still in the hospital - but she comprehends, she’s alert, and she has her full senses. A full recovery is expected," reads the note. "The document obtained by a certain media outlet simply gives her longtime friend Leslie Morris the authority - in the absence of 24-hour doctor care - to make care decisions for Joni once she leaves the hospital. As we all know, Joni is a strong-willed woman and is nowhere near giving up the fight. Please continue to keep Joni in your thoughts."

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