Weeks after an unidentified health crisis put her in the hospital, Joni Mitchell is reportedly showing strong signs of starting her recovery.

Showbiz411 reports that contrary to what many believed at the time, Mitchell did not suffer a stroke in April, after she was found unconscious; instead, she's said to have gone through a brain aneurysm, from which the site's sources now say she's now "improving."

Confirming recent reports that suggested Mitchell would be leaving the hospital soon, Showbiz411 says she was recently moved to a rehab facility, where her longtime friend and current caregiver Leslie Morris is working with medical personnel to determine a long-term plan for continuing Mitchell's rehabilitation and recovery at home. The site quotes a source as saying "It’s a long way to go, but she can do it," and adds that "speech is difficult but she’s communicating."

While Morris did not return requests for comment and has continued to protect Mitchell's privacy throughout this ordeal, it's worth noting that Mitchell's unofficial Facebook page has posted the Showbiz411 report — and although the link includes a caveat that "This is not an official statement from Joni's website," we still take a small bit of comfort in the suggestion that Mitchell may be working her way back to health.

In other Joni Mitchell news, the excellent PBS series Blank on Blank, which animates archival interviews with cultural figures, has posted a new clip based on a 1986 conversation she had with former Elektra/Asylum Records president Joe Smith. "I never really wanted to be a star," Mitchell insists at one point. "I didn't like entering a room with all eyes on me. I still don't really like the attention of a birthday party. I prefer Christmas, which is everybody's holiday. It's just my nature." Check out the Blank on Blank video:

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