Hold off on those anti-Bon Jovi protests, Buffalo! Contrary to previous reports, it now appears that if a group of investors led by Jon Bon Jovi is able to purchase your beloved Bills, they are committed to keeping the NFL club in western New York.

For years, rumors have swirled that the team would be moved across the Canadian border to Toronto, where the Bills have played one regular-season game in each of six previous seasons. That speculation intensified when Bon Jovi's investor group -- who are based in Toronto -- expressed their interest in purchasing the team.

The Toronto Sun is citing multiple sources, however, in stating that the group won't move the franchise. Valued at some $1 billion according to Forbes, the Bills were put up for sale in March after the death of long-time owner Ralph Wilson. This led some angry fans to try to get local bars and restaurants to stop playing Bon Jovi's music.

Bon Jovi, who would serve as principal owner among three franchise investors, was one of the original majority owners of the Philadelphia Soul, an Arena Football League, from 2004-09. When the team returned in 2011 after a hiatus, however, Bon Jovi had left management -- thus freeing him up pursue the Bills. His son is also a member of the Notre Dame football team.

Others who have expressed interest include the owners of Buffalo's pro hockey team and Donald Trump, the New York real estate mogul. Bon Jovi has already received a vote of confidence from Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, according to ESPN.

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