John Mellencamp's 'No Better Than This' tour, which kicked off last year in his native Indiana, will continue this October and November, canvassing the US and Canada after a recent overseas run.

The tour will conclude with a reprise gig at the Clowes Memorial Hall in Indianapolis, which was an early stop in the tour last year, so Mellencamp is truly closing the circle with this new batch of dates.

This new leg will run for 17 dates, beginning Oct. 25 in Boston, and includes a Nov. 11 show in Savannah, GA, which is of significance to Mellencamp since sessions for his current 'No Better Than This' album began in the region. What a road dog Mellencamp still is, bringing his music to fans.

If you want to know what to expect at the shows, rest assured you're getting your money's worth, as the 'Jack & Diane' rocker splits his shows into three segments. He performs acoustically, then fronting a small combo that reminds us of his blues, country and rockabilly roots, and finally of course, with his full rock ensemble. So you'll get to experience three variations of Mellencamp's music.

But that's not all. Each gig is preceded by a screening of 'It's About You,' a documentary from Mellencamp, Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan's recent tour of minor league baseball stadiums. Because really, what's more American than baseball and Mellcamp/Nelson/Dylan? National treasures indeed!

Leave it to a red-blooded and blue-collared American like Mellencamp to give Americans more bang for their entertainment buck in this distressed economy. Tickets go on sale next month.

John Mellencamp Fall 2011 Tour Dates:

10/25 -- Boston, Mass.
10/27 -- Montreal, QC
10/28 -- London, ON
10/29 -- Hamilton, ON
11/1 -- Grand Rapids, Mich.
11/2 -- Columbus, Ohio
11/4 -- Reading, Pa.
11/5 -- Newark, N.J.
11/6 -- Greensboro, N.C.
11/9 -- North Charleston, S.C.
11/11 -- Savannah, Ga.
11/12 -- Knoxville, Tenn.
11/13 - Louisville, Ky.
11/15 - Green Bay, Wis.
11/16 - Milwaukee, Wis.
11/18 - Rockford, Ill.
11/19 - Indianapolis, Ind.

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