Should the remaining members of the Doors reunite (it seems unlikely), drummer John Densmore knows who he'd want to fill Jim Morrison's space in front of the microphone. It's not clear if he's being cute or funny, but during a recent radio interview he said Jimmy Fallon could get the job done.

"Did you see his imitation of Morrison?" Densmore asked Detroit radio station WCSX DJ Jim O'Brien during an interview on Wednesday (April 17). Fallon is know for his his priceless Neil Young and Sting impressions. His take on Morrison (seen below) might be just as good.

The prospects of a full tour seem dim, as Densmore all but said he's not going to do it. OK -- he did say that. "I’m not going to go on tour with them and find a 'Jimitator,'" he stated. "If we played a couple of gigs like Pink Floyd, who’ve had their struggles, benefits or something, Live Aid or whatever, with some great singer, that would make sense.”

Densmore was mostly talking about his new book 'The Doors: Unhinged' and his lawsuit against Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger over using the band's name when they wanted to perform as the Doors of the 21st Century. He says the book was cathartic, and an olive branch to the two men.

Watch Jimmy Fallon's Jim Morrison Impression