It wasn't initially the biggest hit from the album, but Peter Gabriel's 'In Your Eyes' is now arguably the most widely beloved song from 'So' -- largely thanks to a scene from the '80s teen romance 'Say Anything...' that one of the film's stars, John Cusack, helped recreate with Gabriel on stage at the Hollywood Bowl on Saturday (Oct. 6).

In the film, Cusack's character -- the lovelorn, trenchcoat-sporting Lloyd Dobler -- attempts to win back the object of his affection by standing outside her bedroom window and hoisting a boombox over his head while blasting the moody ballad, which includes such swoon-worthy lyrics as "I see the doorway to a thousand churches / In your eyes." It's an image that's been parodied countless times over the years, and Gabriel gave a nod to its history on Saturday, when Cusack showed up on stage with a boombox in hand.

Of course, as hardcore fans of the film know, that boombox wasn't even playing 'In Your Eyes' when the scene was filmed -- it was actually blasting the Fishbone track 'Bonin' in the Boneyard,' which would have taken the scene in a completely different direction if not for some judicious soundtrack planning on the part of director Cameron Crowe, who happened to be in the audience for Saturday's show. "Peter Gabriel and John Cusack on stage together at the Hollywood Bowl tonight," tweeted Crowe later. "Won't forget that... ever."

Gabriel seemed to enjoy Cusack's concert cameo too -- he tweeted about it to his followers and posted a video clip from the show, embedded below.

Watch Peter Gabriel and John Cusack on Stage for 'In Your Eyes'