The Model T Ford owned by Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham — and memorably featured in the band's movie The Song Remains the Same — is on the auction block.

The auction listing, hosted by eBay's U.K. site, has an asking price of roughly $323,600 — a pretty steep price tag for a set of wheels the new owner will most likely never take for a spin, but understandable considering the car's place in rock history.

"Being Zeppelin fans ourselves, we are very excited to assist in the sale of this iconic hot rod," reads the listing, posted by auto brokers Midwest Performance. Describing the car as "a very collectible piece of rock history," it outlines its early history — "built in the early 1970s by Andy Brizio in San Francisco" before being shipped to the U.K. by Bonham — and adds that "the 5.7 Chevy Small Block & Supercharger were completely rebuilt in 2006 whilst under the current ownership & the car has been kept in its climate controlled environment ever since."

That timeline suggests the Model T is still in the same hands that held the car the last time it was reportedly up for sale — in 2011, when London-area resident Bruce Screen made headlines for publicly stating he was willing to part with it after 11 years of ownership. Street, who said he picked it up in a trade, told reporters he was "too frightened to drive it on the roads" and felt it deserved a better home.

"It needs to be seen and looked after," Street said at the time. "I’d be interested to hear from people with ideas about where it could go."

Those ideas are still apparently welcome — at least as long as they come with six figures attached. If you've got the extra cash lying around, feel free to put in a bid before another well-off Zeppelin fan snaps it up.

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