There are some questions that certain celebrities will never be able to get away from, and for Jimmy Page, that list definitely includes, "Will we see a Led Zeppelin reunion?"

Page heard it yet again during a recent interview with ABC News Radio, and took the opportunity to remind us of the exceedingly slim possibility that he and former bandmates Robert Plant and John Paul Jones will ever get back together. "I don't think so -- doesn't look like it," he shrugged, pointing out that the band's most recent reunion happened nearly a decade ago. "[It was] seven years ago that we did the [concert at London's] O2 [Arena], and that came out as 'Celebration Day' as a DVD, but that's a long while ... not to have had sort of a serious ... idea or will [to play again]."

But even though Page has had Zeppelin on the brain in recent years, given the "hundreds of hours" he spent combing through the vaults for the series of deluxe reissues currently making its way through the band's classic catalog, he also reminded fans that he's a solo artist in his own right, and he's ready to resume that part of his career.

"I've got new material, and of course we know I've got old material," he said of his plans to pursue a new solo project in the coming months. "I wanna go out there and showcase what I do."

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