Jimmy Page isn't worried about Led Zeppelin overshadowing his solo plans. He says whatever pressure surrounds putting out a rare studio effort is nothing compared to getting onstage as Zeppelin again for a one-off show in 2007.

“There is pressure – but you have to put it in context with putting your arse on the line for one night at the O2," Page told Classic Rock. "What sort of pressure is that? You can imagine that it was like for one shot. When you’re recording an album, you’ve got more than one shot at the solo. You have to look at it like that.”

Page has been stockpiling new music for some time, he said, which should make for an album that serves as "a summing up of where I am at this point of time." The legendary guitarist's most recent solo release is 1988's 'Outrider.'

In the interim, Page said his approach has remained unchanged. “New music is new music -- it has to be good; it has to be vital; it has to connect with people," he explained. "It doesn’t want to be limp and halfhearted. That’s what you’re doing -- you’re a musician. You’re not thinking about whether it’s paling in the shade of Led Zeppelin. What sort of nonsense is that?”

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