The new single from Jane's Addiction relies on more electronics than fans are used to, so it stands to reason the video for 'Irresistible Force' would find peace with a similar theme. While it's anything but peaceful, the four-minute long clip is an adventure in graphic design that is at once puzzling and captivating. One doesn't really know what they're looking at, yet it's impossible to turn away.

The video makes liberal use of green screen and a creative digital editor. Some of the more hypnotic scenes involve beautiful women kissing while lead singer Perry Farrell belts out his moody message, or as a heavily made-up Dave Navarro shreds his guitar. Navarro is more present in this video than he is in the song, and his solo near the end is lifted even higher by the astrological lasers surrounding him.

It doesn't take long to get used to the sexy women kissing each other. Actually this is another digital trick in which the editor mirrors the image to make it appear the same woman is kissing herself. Who cares? It's still hot, as is the gorgeous woman laying on her belly toward the end. She serves no purpose other than to keep the seduction alive. Then again, there's a lot about rock music that serves no purpose other than to keep the seduction alive.

This is the sort of video that every Pink Floyd laser light show wishes it could be. The only distraction is Farrell himself. He looks a little old and out of place at times. The director lingers on his expressions for too long before returning to the entrancing colors and kaleidoscope like imagery. Navarro and drummer Stephen Perkins don't suffer the same fate. Maybe it's the eye shadow.

Watch Jane's Addiction's 'Irresistible Force' Video