Jane's Addiction's new single 'Irresistible Force' is a sultry, adventurous widescreen movie of a song that features a wonderfully explosive chorus.

The track is the first official single from the band's long anticipated new album 'The Great Escape Artist,' which is due out on Sept. 27.

'Irresistible Force' opens with lead singer Perry Farrell quickly transitioning from a deep speaking voice to higher-register singing amid clattering mid-tempo percussion from drummer Stephen Perkins and a supportive bassline.

A sense of foreboding uncertainty develops a Jane's Addiction moves along in a slightly electronic-updated version of their often-explored simmering tribal mode:  "Everyone is talking / Making up their faces / Wonder what we look like naked?"

Soon enough, things build to a point of release. As usual, Farrell's voice sounds like it is coming down from some kind of spiritual mountaintop when the chorus hits: "Ahhhhh/ The irresistible force met the immovable object/ Whoaaa-oh-oh-ooooooooh"

Guitarist Dave Navarro lurks in the corners for much of the track, darting in and out with short bursts amid airy keyboards that add greatly to the song's epic feel. But don't worry, when the time comes for his big solo spotlight, as you'd expect, he heads straight for outer space and creates perhaps the song's most traditional Jane's moment.

So let's summarize: strong songwriting, great performance, past strengths on full display, adding new little sonic touches without looking like they're trying on someone else's clothes... yeah, we're saying this song rules. Together with the also-excellent 'End to the Lies,' it's starting to look like 'The Great Escape Artist' will be worth the long wait.


Listen to Jane's Addiction, 'Irresistible Force'

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