The deluxe edition of  'Analog Man,' the first solo album from Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh in 20 years, will feature a doozy of a song.

During a conversation with Ultimate Classic Rock, Walsh revealed that the expanded edition will have two bonus tracks, one of which is a previously unreleased jam featuring Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Little Richard paired with Walsh's old Northeast Ohio rock outfit, The James Gang.

"I was going through some old tapes and I found an old James Gang jam with Little Richard, about a seven minute jam...well, it was about 15 minutes, because he wouldn't stop, but I cut it down to about seven minutes and you can tell it's an old tape," Walsh said. "[It's] about seven minutes of Little Richard at his best with the James Gang backing him up."

He added, "I couldn't believe I found it and I called Little Richard and I told him and he remembered and I said 'is it okay?' He said 'it makes me want to go out in the yard and yell Lordy, Lordy!' I guess that meant 'okay!'" [Laughs]

"So it's just a classic. It's a real treasure to have found and I thought I'd just throw that on there."

'Analog Man' will be released on June 5. Stay tuned for more of our conversation with Joe Walsh.

In the meantime, check out our Top 100 Classic Rock Songs countdown, where Walsh and the James Gang each have a slot. 'Rocky Mountain Way' came in at No. 57, while 'Funk #49' by the James Gang made it in at No. 84.

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