Iron Maiden are among the 80 entertainers who've signed an open letter asking the U.K. to crack down on ticket scalpers, just months after the Foo Fighters began their own efforts at thwarting secondary sellers.

This latest call for reform, published in the Independent yesterday, specifically criticizes "unscrupulous" price markups, adding that the government should move to protect fans.

"We are committed to ensuring that event-goers have the best experience possible at a fair price," they wrote in the open letter. "The way that the secondary ticketing market is allowed to operate at present can seriously undermine that effort. It's high time the government stopped sticking up for secondary platforms and decided to put fans first."

The Foo Fighters brought fresh scrutiny to ticket scalpers late last year when they announced a plan to sell in-person tickets, rather than online. Iron Maiden joined Radiohead, Bullet for My Valentine and various sports organizations, including associations promoting tennis and rugby, in signing the letter. They argue for a variety of new regulations -- including a ban on purchasing large numbers of tickets online, a practice that typically results in resale at inflated prices.

"At the end of the day, we care about the fans," Iron Maiden manager Rod Smallwood told the BBC. "We care about the future of this business, and we try not to overload them."

Government ministers in the U.K. were expected to vote today, as discussions continue on a so-called consumer rights bill.

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