Of all the childish "rock & roll" behaviors you might expect to come with some sort of physical danger, attacking one's bandmates with shaving cream pies would have to rank pretty low on the list -- which is why it's such a good thing that the members of Iron Maiden are here to warn the rest of us about what can happen when pie fight horseplay goes awry.

The truth came out during a recent interview with Vintage Rock in which drummer Nicko McBrain was asked about the band's upcoming tour. Noting that they'll be playing on his birthday, McBrain mused that in the old days, the gig would have ended with him being pelted with shaving cream, a proud Maiden tradition that had to end after singer Bruce Dickinson suffered physical harm after his own birthday battle.

"There was a time when it was Bruce’s birthday and we were playing in the Hammerstein Ballroom a number of years ago. We gave him a pieing, shaving cream and whatnot," explained McBrain. "It wasn’t cleaned up correctly – so the next night he slipped. He fell off the top of the riser into my drum set and he really hurt himself. So we went, ‘That’s enough of that.’"

So there you have it: Friends don't let friends slip and fall off shaving cream-coated risers onto drum sets. Use it responsibly, folks.

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