Who wants some classic Iron Maiden for Christmas?

A group of the British metal legends' biggest fans are hoping the answer to that question is "a whole bunch of people," as they've started a campaign to try and send the 1982 Maiden classic 'The Number of the Beast' back up the U.K. singles charts just in time for the yuletide season.

It might sound crazy but, as some readers may recall, this is far from the first time something like this has happened. Last year, in fact, a group of AC/DC fans tried to pull off the same thing with 'Highway to Hell.' Besides gaming the charts for Christmas has become something of an annual tradition in its own right -- dating back to 2009, when Rage Against the Machine scored a holiday chart-topper with 'Killing in the Name.'

All things being equal, we'd much rather listen to 'The Number of the Beast' than any one of a hundred Christmas carols, and we welcome this campaign with open arms -- but Maiden face some stiff competition this year, including an all-star single featuring Paul McCartney and others covering A Great Big World's adult contemporary hit 'Say Something.'

For more information on the campaign to send 'Beast' to the top spot (or to join in), visit its Facebook page.

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