If Dr. Dre can have his own set of headphones, why not Iron Maiden?

That question has finally been answered with the arrival of Maiden Audio, the new line of headphones (or, as the folks at Bravewords have dubbed them, Ed-Phones) that the band is endorsing through a partnership with Onkyo.

Information is scarce at this point -- the Maiden Audio website is just a scrolling series of photos -- but CNET reports that the product line, currently displayed on the floor of this year's CES tech trade show, will be prefaced with an announcement "around February or March."

Whatever these things end up sounding like, we think you'll agree that they look pretty sweet on band mascot Eddie, and they'll serve as a proud addition to the growing line of Maiden-licensed products that includes golf balls, door knockers, beach towels and lampshades -- as well as their Eddie's Evil Brew wine and wildly popular Trooper Ale beer -- and with a new Maiden album rumored for 2015, these phones should arrive just in time to give fans the perfect audio accessory for a fresh round of rocking.

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