Heavy metal-loving sports fans in Nashville, Tenn. will be able to spot a fellow headbanger on the ice pretty easily during the NHL's next season. That's because Chris Mason, who played with the city's Predators franchise throughout much of the '00s, is returning to the team... and bringing along Iron Maiden's beloved mascot Eddie.

As InGoal magazine reports, Mason, who left the Predators for stints in St. Louis, Atlanta and Winnipeg before signing to return to Nashville this season, will be wearing a mask featuring Eddie as originally portrayed on the English metal legends' 1984 'Powerslave' album cover. Kind of gives a whole new meaning to the lyrics of 'Flash of the Blade' from that classic album, doesn't it?

Mason sported another Maiden-inspired mask, this one featuring the cover artwork from 'Powerslave' opening track 'Aces High,' last year during his time with the Winnipeg Jets.

Both masks were designed by Steve Nash of EyeCandyAir, who lists Iron Maiden's longtime (and if you want an unsolicited opinion, sadly missed) cover artist Derek Riggs among his artistic heroes. You can visit EyeCandyAir's Facebook page to see much more great work from Nash.

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