Axl Rose and Slash can't work together, won't speak to each other, won't even reunite for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame -- but the next Guns N' Roses record could still feature a collaboration (of sorts) between the former bandmates.

That's what current Guns guitarist Richard Fortus seemed to be suggesting, anyway, when he put in an appearance at a workshop on Nov. 20. Speaking to attendees, he weighed in on the ever-fascinating subject of if or when GNR might release another album, saying, "There’s so much stuff that’s recorded. There’s three albums worth of material, easy. Axl is very secretive -- he doesn’t want stuff getting out. He wants to create stuff then release it when it’s ready. He’s also a bit of a perfectionist, as you can imagine."

Such a perfectionist, in fact, that it might only be on the next Guns N' Roses record that he's finally ready to release a song that got its start way back during Slash's tenure with the band. "Some of the stuff comes from nothing and some of the stuff were ideas that were already there," Fortus explained. "Some of the stuff Slash did -- it was the beginning of the seed of a song that’s been around for a while."

Of course, given the amount of tinkering Rose tends to do with material, who even knows what "beginning of the seed" will mean for the final song, or if Slash will even be able to hear his own input in the end result. If nothing else, it's yet another example of the fact that no Axl Rose track is released before its time ... and only Axl knows when that time will come.

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