The biggest will-they-won't-they story since Sam and Diane on the first season of Cheers is heating up again. Rumors about a reunion of the original lineup of Guns N' Roses are swirling at a fever pitch thanks to anonymous sources, a series of vague tweets from the band and a quote from a friend of Duff McKagan's wife.

Dish Nation says that the band is looking to headline some festivals in Europe and the U.S. next year, which will be followed by a world tour to celebrate their 30th anniversary. They quote an unnamed "music insider" as saying, "Slash and Axl have verbally agreed to get things together again and reform the original band. The live shows is where they can show the world what they had and also make the greatest earnings. Promoters are quietly working away to land opportunities. Details of the reunion are expected to leak out in the next few days. Everyone is expecting huge demand for tickets, but the boys are very humble and are not sure what to expect.”

In addition, four tweets were sent out on the band's official Twitter account in quick succession last week. Combined, they read, "What ever happened to no news is good news? Of course today everyone is a journalist. If only they could read lips...Surely they'll read between the lines."

While that could refer to just about anything, especially when it comes to a band that's been reported on as much as Guns N' Roses, it's furthering the ongoing speculation that something could be announced soon. Then again, "Of course today everyone is a journalist" could also be a shot at people who wrongly think they know what's going on behind the scenes.

But the band's desire to remain cryptic wasn't heard by Brandi Glanville of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. As you can see in the video above, while standing outside a benefit for the City of Hope cancer center with her longtime friend, Susan Holmes-McKagan, the wife of Duff McKagan, she said "Guns N' Roses is coming back, motherf---ers!" Rather than deny it or take issue with Glanville for disclosing a secret, Holmes-McKagan let out a "Whoo!"

The latest batch of rumors began this past summer, when guitarists DJ Ashba and Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal left the band. Shortly thereafter, Slash revealed that he and Axl Rose were friends again. More recently, a Portuguese music promoter reportedly offered the "classic" Guns N' Roses lineup the opportunity to headline a local festival.

Still, we must stress that there has been no official word from any past or present member of Guns N' Roses regarding a reunion. The combination of anonymous sources, a few ambiguous words on social media and an outburst of a friend of the wife of a band member should not be taken as gospel.

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