Glenn Hughes is offering new insight into the creation of California Breed's self-titled debut. A recent replacement of his aortic valve impacted Hughes' general approach to the project, and directly inspired songs like 'All Falls Down' and 'Breathe.'

Despite the surgery, and a history of addiction while previously working with the likes of Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, Hughes has emerged healthy and upbeat. And Hughes says he put all of that energy and dedication into California Breed, which also features Jason Bonham and Andrew Watt.

"I'm singing about life and death and what goes on in between," the 62-year-old tells Billboard. "For some reason, I wasn't frightened. I felt like I was going to be OK, but I'm still supremely grateful to be here. For me to still be doing this at my age with what I've been through with drink and drugs. ... There was a time everyone was putting bets on me, 'Ah, Hughes is gonna be the first to go.' But he's still here."

California Breed will celebrate the release of their new record with shows in Los Angeles on May 28 and in New York City on May 31. The band then plans a full-scale tour this fall, reportedly starting in Europe before hitting North American cities.

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