Fresh off the sudden breakup of California Breed, Glenn Hughes is diving into a solo project, a new tour and at least one very offbeat collaboration. In fact, the former Deep Purple and Black Sabbath singer is working on music with both Bryan Adams and country's Billy Ray Cyrus.

Hughes is well aware of how that might sound to his old-line fanbase. "They'll probably go, 'Glenn and Bryan Adams and Billy Ray Cyrus. That's crazy,' Hughes tells MyRockWorld. "Just remember this: I'm a little crazy, and I like to do things that make people think, 'What is he doing now?' And I like to shock people. I'm not someone who likes to live a normal kind of life."

California Breed emerged from the wreckage of Black Country Communion, with Jason Bonham appearing in both. But Bonham elected not to tour in support of California Breed's debut, and the band split up. From there, Hughes says his options opened up. "I really like to do things that are different, and for me to cross over into Americana music is really interesting," he adds, "but just remember this, everybody: I am a rocker."

This new collaboration, Hughes says, will serve as the title song for a new Cyrus television vehicle called Still the King. Meanwhile, Hughes is planning a European tour in September and October, as well as a long-awaited solo album – his first since 2008's First Underground Nuclear Kitchen.

"It will be released next year," Hughes confirms. "I can't say when I'm gonna record it, because I'm very busy, but I can say this to you: By the end of this year, the album will be finished and mastered, and the artwork will be done, and it will be coming out early next year."

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