A major new exhibition titled ‘Living In The Material World,' exploring the life of George Harrison and will premiere at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, Calif.  The exhibition is slated to open on Oct. 11, one week after the HBO broadcast debut of Martin Scorsese’s film of the same name.

This is the first major exhibit to honor 12-time Grammy award winner Beatle George. The Grammy Museum has full cooperation with the Harrison Estate, so it promises to be a superb homage.

Both the exhibit and the film will explore the extraordinary life and career of Harrison. An intense and intimate look at “the quiet one” will take the viewer on a voyage that is mystical, musical, spiritual and profoundly George. So, Apple scruffs unite - October is quickly shaping up to be a month that salutes your favorite Englishman.

Most of the footage in the documentary has never been seen or heard before, with much being told in the words of Harrison himself. A slew of family and friends have also contributed, sharing their memories of this spirited seeker whose artistic talents continue to shine brightly, here, there and everywhere.

Watch the 'Living In The Material World' Official Movie Trailer