Mr. and Mrs. Gene Simmons sat down 24 hours after their wedding to talk to Lynn Hoffman about life as newlyweds on yet another special episode of 'Gene Simmons Family Jewels' last night (Oct. 18).

It was revealed that Gene, having gone through a psycho upheaval during the marriage boot camp episode, he had a total change of heart. As boring as that episode came off from this side of the screen, Simmons came to a clarity that he simply couldn't live without Shannon Tweed. It was that revelation that kept him so calm at their wedding.

Tweed, on the other hand, admitted to being far more stressed the morning of the ceremony. Wishing for and anticipating that day for so long resulted in plenty of anxiety for the bride to be. Like most women approaching the alter, she wanted everything to be perfect.

Gene admits that all of his life "marriage meant divorce," but when his brother gave him some profound advice -- "marry her everyday" --  that idea appealed to Simmons. He knew that everyone wanted this to happen but him. "I was the Scrooge in the Christmas story," he said.

When he finally stood at the alter, Gene says he was in the "here and now," with no out of body experiences. It was all about being in the present and he was at peace with his decision. Fully understanding that he wants his life to be real, not a fairytale, he says "snakes are pretty unforgiving but after a while even a snake has to come out."

When Hoffman asked the family about the variety show that took place at their reception they were quick to defend it, making it clear that it was really what they wanted as a family.

In earlier episodes the kids had confronted their father about his commitment to their mother. They knew the choice had to be his but at the same time they made it clear that it was due time he make one. They honestly didn't think the wedding day would ever come but they're happy that it worked out the way it did. "We'll see if the ring means something or if its just a piece of metal" says Nick.

They were very happy to be involved in the planning part of it, pointing out that it's not too often kids can be in their parents "first" wedding. All the Simmons were involved in designing Tweed's gown and Nick reveals that he had no idea that the artwork (stick figure Simmons family) that they asked him to draw would wind up as part of the invitations, otherwise he would've worked harder on them.

Gene, after fighting that ring his entire life, says "the biggest impediment to a happy family, is me." Based on his track record, a lot of people still believe the marriage is a publicity stunt, but the family are a unit that believes Gene's commitment is real.

At 62, Simmons finally feels like a man. "Why was I so arrogant?  This (holds up his hand to show off his ring) is a public proclamation of the eternal love I will have for my wife. Do you love someone enough to give your life for her or to do anything for her?  If it's that, then marry her, if not then say so. Shannon is the only girl I ever loved, period."

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