The Zappa Family Trust, headed by Frank Zappa's widow Gail, has announced that select titles from the massive Zappa catalog will be finding their way to vinyl this summer. In June, Zappa's Barking Pumpkin label will put out editions of 1973's 'Over-Nite Sensation' and the 1966 classic 'Freak Out!,' joining the recently released 'Finer Moments,' a collection of live material from the early-'70s.

These new versions will be issued on the ever popular 180-gram vinyl and are said to be "freshly remastered." 'Freak Out!' will use the original stereo mix. The double-LP was truly ahead of its time and features such classics as 'Trouble Every Day,' 'Motherly Love' and 'Hungry Freaks, Daddy.' 'Over-Nite Sensation' contains such favorites as 'I'm The Slime' and 'Dinah-Moe Humm.'

This is another piece of the ongoing Zappa reissue project began last year with CD reissues and - for the first time - downloads, when the rights to the late composer's recordings reverted back to the family. Joe Travers, the man in charge of the tape vaults for the Zappa archives, is overseeing the mastering on the new vinyl versions.

In addition, the family is seeking information on the whereabouts of Zappa's 'Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.' The award, given posthumously in 1997, is apparently missing. More information can be found on the Zappa website.

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