The two-minute clip, which the band recently premiered on its Facebook page, gets a little more in-depth regarding the premise behind the project, as well as how it shaped frontman Dave Grohl's approach to writing new material for the 'Sonic Highways' album. "We finished the 'Sound City' movie," he recalls early in the trailer, "and I thought we could go all over the country and make a record where each song was recorded in a different studio."

The Foo Fighters' 'Sonic Highways' is already one of the more highly anticipated rock releases of 2014 -- and if you're already excited for the new eight-song album, which is scheduled to arrive Nov. 10, the latest trailer for the record's eight-part HBO companion series might put you over the edge.

It wasn't as simple as just jetting around the country, however. "Basically, we come to a city and begin recording an instrumental," Grohl explains in the trailer. "Because I interview all of these different musicians from that city."

It all adds up to a long line of guest appearances from an eclectic array of guest artists that includes everyone from Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton to LL Cool J, Chuck D, Joan Jett, Bonnie Raitt and Slash. "If you go to Nashville, you have to talk to Dolly," Grohl points out. "When you go to Austin, you have to talk to Willie. When you go to New York, you have to talk to Chuck D. All over the map -- we talked to Guns N' Roses, LL Cool J, Joan Jett, Buddy Guy, Mike D, Bonnie Raitt."

Each episode, adds Grohl, will culminate in a song performance that ties together all that travel and interview footage into something the listener can appreciate on a different level: "The finale of the episode, where you see us performing the song, you'll recognize references from stories you've heard in the last hour." It promises to be a unique experience for fans. It's already been one for the band members; as guitarist Chris Shiflett joked, "It kinda feels like we've already toured the U.S., and we haven't even finished the record."

'Sonic Highways' is scheduled to make its HBO debut at 11 P.M. on Oct. 17.

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