Foo Fighters have confirmed, through the above video, that they aren't splitting – though Taylor Hawkins earlier said the band were going on an indefinite break. "For the millionth time, we're not breaking up," the band says this new clip. "And nobody's going f–ing solo!"

In the Hawkins interview, held in January with Artisan News, he cautioned that the Dave Grohl-led group were taking a breather "not because we don’t love each other, or don’t want to make music together. We did so much in the last five or six years, we as a band could go into the studio tomorrow and have just as much fun as we ever had. But I think the world needs a break from us for a little while."

To illustrate that there are no hard feelings, Hawkins said he and his band mates even come up with a humorous substitute name for the Foo Fighters' hiatus: “We’re on ihateus right now," Hawkins said. "We’re on an indefinite ihateus.” The new video, clearly sparked by a New York Post story from Monday (Feb. 29) that pondered whether Grohl might be contemplating a solo career, also jokingly runs through a series of scenarios on who might become their new frontman.

For fans, it's important to remember that the Foo Fighters, who released a surprise EP titled Saint Cecilia late in 2015, have taken an extended break before. They were off the road from 2008 through 2011, returning with the Grammy-winning Wasting Light. They took another short break in 2012, as well.

The Sonic Highways docuseries and album followed in 2014, with scores of dates in between. Last year's 20th anniversary tour was marred, however, by a mishap in which Grohl fell off a stage at Gothenburg, Sweden and broke his leg. They finished the tour, but only after crafting a special throne-like chair for Grohl.

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