With Christine McVie back in the lineup and a new album reportedly in the works, Fleetwood Mac got 'On With the Show' last night, starting their latest tour in front of 17,000 fans at Minneapolis' Target Center.

"This is a band that continues to evolve through good times and adversity. This is just, I guess, the latest chapter," Lindsey Buckingham told the crowd, referring to McVie's return as "a beautiful, profound, poetic new chapter now that this lady is back with us. And it’s a chapter that is going to go on for a while. A chapter that is going to yield much fruit. We are very, very excited."

The Pioneer Press playfully noted some opening night jitters, saying that during the set's first few numbers, "It was charming to see a bunch of old pros actually sweat a little bit while missing the occasional note or chugging ahead a little too fast." But as they have countless times, this version of Fleetwood Mac found each other in the songs, coming together over the course of a two-and-a-half-hour set whose second encore, 'Songbird,' shone a fitting spotlight on Christine McVie.

"Our songbird is back," Mick Fleetwood noted appreciatively, and McVie offered her thanks to everyone in attendance, adding, "It’s a dream come true, a chance you don’t often get in life." Watch the band perform 'The Chain' and 'Say You Love Me' below, along with a look at the complete set list.

Fleetwood Mac, 'Say You Love Me' (Sept. 30, 2014)

Fleetwood Mac Sept. 30 Set List, Target Center, Minneapolis, MN
'The Chain'
'You Make Loving Fun'
'Second Hand News'
'I Know I'm Not Wrong'
'Sisters of the Moon'
'Say You Love Me'
'Seven Wonders'
'Big Love'
'Never Going Back Again'
'Over My Head'
'Little Lies'
'Gold Dust Woman'
'I'm So Afraid'
'Go Your Own Way'

'World Turning'
'Don't Stop'
'Silver Springs'

Second encore

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