For most people, being personally ejected from a Vince Neil concert by Mr. Vince Neil himself would probably be something of a low point, and perhaps even cause for a few moments of quiet reflection about the state of one's life and/or the choices one has made. But there are always exceptions, aren't there?

We are of course referencing last week's report about a fan whose behavior was so unruly that Neil lost his temper and took a swing into the audience before security could come and haul the offender away. We assumed the story ended there, but as it turns out, things took an even more bizarre turn after the show.

TMZ reports that the exiled audience member (who's being referred to as a "booted fan," but let's be honest, probably isn't in any rush to listen to anything Neil has done with or without Motley Crue) returned after the show. Was he there to apologize? Explain himself? Maybe buy Vince a shot? Nope -- he came back with "an entourage of goons."

A representative for the casino where the show took place told TMZ, "During the post-performance party at the property, the intoxicated fan and his group of friends, who were also visibly inebriated, returned and continually attempted to get close to Vince." Fortunately, they were foiled again by security, and the evening ended with the ringleader being ejected from the premises for the second time.

As for what started all this in the first place? According to the report, sources say the (likely former) fan "repeatedly tried to grab at Vince while he was singing on stage."

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