It can't be easy remembering the words to Motley Crue's greatest hits while holding a microphone and scanning one's environment for inappropriate horseplay, but Vince Neil is a seasoned professional, and he can multitask. Just ask the fan who nearly got clocked at his solo show last Saturday (Dec. 1).

TMZ (via Blabbermouth) has the lowdown on the incident, as well as video (embedded below). It all took place near the beginning of the night's rendition of 'Kickstart My Heart' when the vigilant Neil, seeing something he didn't like going on near the stage, told the concertgoer to 'get the f-- outta here,' and then decided to punctuate his point by taking a swing.

Unfortunately for Neil (and fortunately for his would-be punching bag), that's about as rowdy as it got. As TMZ put it, Neil "tried to punch the dude in the kisser ... but the guy ducked ... and Neil totally whiffed," at which point security stepped in to put a stop to the whole thing. His enemy vanquished, Neil got back to kickstarting everyone's hearts, and the rest of the crowd presumably went home happy.

It's worth noting that, although we don't have access to a set list from the Dec. 1 show, the Crue has been closing its concerts with 'Kickstart My Heart,' so it seems pretty likely that this all went down toward the end of the evening -- which means that Neil will not tolerate audience tomfoolery no matter how late in the show you decide to break the rules. Let this be a lesson to all you would-be troublemakers out there: When you're rocking with Vince Neil, you'd better be on your best behavior.

Watch Vince Neil Try to Punch an Audience Member in the Face

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