Faces fans who are somehow still undecided regarding whether to purchase the band's comprehensive new box set may find themselves reaching for their wallets after hearing "Whole Lotta Woman."

Billboard premiered the track, which was culled from the archives and dusted off for the bonus material added to the 1970-1975: You Can Make Me Dance, Sing or Anything... career-spanning box, which arrives in stores today. You can listen to the song below.

As drummer Kenney Jones tells the trade, there's even more where "Whole Lotta Woman" came from. "Yeah, there's lots of stuff that we all have individually, especially live stuff," said Jones. "Ronnie Wood's got a lot, I've got a lot, I think Rod [Stewart] has got some. We also have some old backing tracks that would take awhile to dig out. Any time we recorded something I used to get a copy of what we did, even without vocals. And there's some gems in there as well, with us talking, that really captures the humor of the band in the studio. So there's something more to look forward to — we've just got to find the time."

Finding the time has been a sticking point for the Faces in the years since their breakup, with persistent talk of a reunion consistently tabled in favor of the ex-bandmates' current commitments. After years of putting it off, the surviving members are finally due to get together later this year for a charity gig, and although Jones admits the deceased Ian McLagan and Ronnie Lane will be "sorely missed," he still thinks the show will be "great fun."

"Y'know, Ronnie Wood is touring with the [Rolling] Stones all the time and Rod gets booked up two years in advance, so we had to wait for a time," he explained. "We always get together anyway, a couple of times a year, and go out to dinner and have a laugh, so it's not as if we don't see each other. But it'll be cool to actually get together and play the old songs again."

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