Kenney Jones looked back on Faces’ musical output and said it could have been better if the band hadn’t spent so much time partying.

Describing Rod Stewart and his other bandmates as an “unmanageable” group, he regretted the fact that they’d often be drinking before they started recording sessions, and that they didn't come prepared with much material to explore in the studio.

“It was very frustrating sometimes when we went in to record, because I feel that we were working things out as we went along,” Jones said in the June edition of Uncut. “We’d do a riff, then see if we could make it work, rather than go in with a finished song. … Musically, I think we could have done a lot better had we been more sober.”

He reflected that the group’s passion for partying made things more difficult for the people who worked with them. “We were a bunch of piss-takers," he explained. "[Manager] Billy Gaff was Irish, a lovely guy. But he could never have a serious group meeting with the Faces, as we’d be putting things on his head and throwing stuff. It meant he could never discuss anything. How he ever made any decisions, I’ll never know. Tony Toon was our publicist. We used to treat him the same way.”

Jones also shared an anecdote from a Christmas party in a pub, where Faces were drinking brandy and Coke and started dancing to the music.

“Tony Toon was really getting into it, so we grabbed these streamers and threw them all over him," he recalled. "He was covered head to foot. As we were all dancing, I went behind him, took out my lighter and lit the streamers. They went up like a candle: ‘Whoosh!’ All I remember is Tony running around going, ‘I’m on fire! I’m on fire!’”


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