It seems as though Eddie Van Halen is about to appear on old-school hip-hop icon LL Cool J's new album. Today (March 14), the guitar legend teased his fans with a picture of the duo in the studio.

"Authentic 4.30.13," read Van Halen's tweet that accompanied the picture. A quick check at Amazon reveals that LL Cool J is releasing an album called 'Authentic' on April 30. No other information has been given, so this is still mostly speculation. The rapper, best known for hip-hop classics like, 'I Need Love,' 'I Can't Live Without My Radio,' 'Mama Said Knock You Out' and 'Doin' It,' posted the same photo to his Facebook page.

This officially confirms news that Van Halen News Desk had broken last Monday (March 4), when they posted a picture that appeared to show LL Cool J from behind.

This is not the first time Eddie Van Halen's guitar has crossed genres, so maybe you can call it a comeback. Tone-Loc's 1988 hit 'Wild Thing' used a sample from 'Jaime's Cryin'.' And, of course, Van Halen famously played the guitar solo on Michael Jackson's monster hit, 'Beat It.'

Earlier this week it was believed that Van Halen were about to launch a large European tour. However, their manager Irving Azoff quickly denied all knowledge of their plans.