Irving Azoff, who manages everyone in Van Halen not named David Lee Roth, has declared that there are no plans for the band to mount an extensive tour in Europe this year, contradicting the singer's statement from a recent radio interview.

Speaking on the Opie & Anthony show Monday morning, Roth explained that Van Halen was "going to be playing Europe — probably 50, 60 shows outside of the States, starting at the end of this year, and then come back around through the US."

But speaking to Billboard, Azoff declared that "the announced dates, which include the date in Australia, the dates in Japan and a date in Wisconsin, are confirmed and on sale and those are real. I manage the Van Halens, and I know nothing about any European tour."

For the sake of our Van Halen-loving European readers, we hope Azoff is merely being coy, perhaps turning the final screws on each show contract before revealing that there will in fact be a tour of the continent.

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