Dream Child, a new supergroup made up of former members of Ozzy Osbourne's band, AC/DC and Dio, announced that their debut album Until Death Do We Meet Again, will be released on Sept. 14.

You can hear the first song, “You Can’t Take Me Down,” below, as well as take a look at the LP's track listing.

The lineup features guitarists Craig Goldy (Dio) and Wayne Findlay (MSG), bassist Rudy Sarzo (Ozzy, Whitesnake, Dio) and drummer SImon Wright (AC/DC, Dio), plus singer Diego Valdez. When he revealed the band earlier this year, Goldy said he "had been listening to my favorite bands a lot recently, Deep Purple and Rainbow's Rising album, among others in that style, and had noticed that many people who also love those bands often have the very same comments as one another: They don't make music like that anymore."

Goldy explained that he made the comment "in passing, [but Frontiers Music president] Serafino [Perugino] asked me a question that would forever shape my future. He simply asked, 'Well, can you?' and I said, 'Yes!' … This album will bring back memories of the days most people have thought were long gone and never to return, yet it is also new and fresh enough to be unique with some unexpected twists and turns.”

The first song released from the album, “You Can’t Take Me Down,” is "about when all the people, circumstances, obstacles and so forth that life can throw at us take a turn for the worst," Goldy said. "And that no matter what, we can and will prevail."

Dream Child, 'Until Death Do We Meet Again' Track Listing
1. “Under The Wire”
2. “You Can't Take Me Down”
3. “Game Of Shadows”
4. “It Is What It Is”
5. “Playin' With Fire”
6. “Light Of The Dark”
7. “Midnight Song”
8. “Until Death Do We Meet Again”
9. “Washed Upon The Shore”
10. “In A World So Cold”
11. “Weird World”
12. “One Step Beyond The Grave”

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