The Doors' 'L.A. Woman' five-disc Super Edition is no longer on the list for a January 2012 release. Bumped from its initial release date of Nov. 24, 2011 and despite the hundreds of pre-paid advance orders, Rhino Records has decided that it's not a commercially viable project.

Doors' Manager Jeff Jampol explains that "there are concerns at [Rhino's] end" and "they want to be sure that not only is the market there, but do we have a place to distribute them?" The two-disc 'L.A. Woman' 40th Anniversary special edition remains on schedule with a Jan. 24 date, but now it appears that a three-disc set (previously unreleased alternates/outtakes/chatter) will later accompany it.

This three-disc set is the replacement for the proposed five-disc set and will be packaged so that it's more affordable. Priced moderately, as in "likely under $50" says Jampol.

In theory, the two releases together equal the five-disc concept, but Doors fans are likely to be disappointed. It's uncertain as to exactly what tracks will be on the three-disc set -- but they have promised that nothing from the two-disc set will be repeated.

As for the fans who pre-ordered the five-disc set, you might say they're "like a dog without a bone," as no plan of action has been determined at this time. They may receive the two-disc set and then have to wait for the three-disc set -- but that said, it'll add up to much less than the $100 they originally paid, so some partial refunds may be in order.

Talk of special exclusive extras to make up for the overall let-down is in process and may be of some consolation to those who pre-paid. Jampol has promised a no-quibble, money-back policy to anyone who wishes to cancel and get a refund.