Such is the nature of the Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame that we often get disparate acts pitted against each other. But even we'd be hard-pressed to recall a pairing like this month's finals, which matches Dio against Stevie Nicks.

Every month, our readers decide which of eight legendary artists or bands will be honored for their contributions to the genre. Now you've got to choose between a true rock goddess and one of the most beloved bands of '80s metal.

To reach the finals, Nicks easily sent Billy Idol back to dancing with himself in the first round, followed by a comfortable win over fellow blonde bombshell Robert Plant in the semifinals. Dio, for his part, destroyed Nicks' one-time duet partner Don Henley in the opener and beat Stevie Ray Vaughan in the semis by an almost similar margin.

If there's anything these two acts have in common, it's that we're honoring their achievements under their own name rather than with the groups with which they first became famous: Nicks with Fleetwood Mac and Dio namesake Ronnie James Dio as a member of Black Sabbath.

So who will be this month's inductee into the Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame? That's entirely up to you. You can vote once a day between now and Monday, Nov. 3, at 11:59 PM EST, with the winner be announced on Nov. 4. Be sure to read our official rules.


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