The long list of health woes that Dick Wagner has had to fight his way back from is now one medical crisis larger: the songwriter and guitarist is currently recovering in the hospital after undergoing a new round of heart surgery.

Wagner, whose best-known work includes a string of co-writes and guitar credits for Alice Cooper, sought medical care last week after suffering from breathing problems. Classic Rock Magazine reports that the problem was alleviated after doctors cleared blockage in one of Wagner's arteries, but he suffered further complications after developing a lung infection.

"Prayers are welcome right about now," said Wagner's son Robert in a quote included in the Classic Rock post. "My dad is still in the hospital with a deep lung infection. Tomorrow they will 'wash' his lungs. Doesn't sound fun, but I'm hoping it works and he can breathe again."

As we previously reported, Wagner resumed touring in 2011 after a litany of physical problems -- including a heart attack and stroke, as well as kidney failure, a coma, and a near-fatal blood clot -- kept him off the road for five years. He was also misdiagnosed with dementia.

Until very recently, Wagner was on the road with his Maestro of Rock Band. Here's hoping he can pull through this latest hospital stay quickly and start feeling like himself again.

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