In advance of the Tom Cruise movie 'Rock of Ages,' Def Leppard has re-recorded and re-released their song of the same name as well as another of the band's classic '80s hits. Both songs are featured in the musical turned major motion picture. The songs are available at iTunes now, the movie hits theaters on June 15.

The new versions of 'Rock of Ages' and 'Pour Some Sugar on Me' stay true to the original recordings. Fans will notice some minor changes in singer Joe Elliot's vocals, but he still sounds great after 30-plus years of recording, touring and (for awhile) a life of excess. The new tracks are cleaner and in the case of 'Sugar,' eliminate some of the introductory hype:

"Step inside, walk this way / You and me babe, Hey, hey!" Those lines don't make the cut in V2.0, but "Gunter glieben glauchen globen" from 'Rock of Ages' do. 

In the movie, Cruise does all his own stunts, which means he sings his own songs. Early reviews of his version of 'Pour Some Sugar on Me' have been less than smashing, but guitarist Phil Collen is a big fan.

“We saw him film the ‘Pour Some Sugar’ segment and it was brilliant," he said. "He learned how to sing for the movie and he said he was nervous that we were all there, but he was so gracious and told us that he wanted to give the song all the respect it deserved. He did lead vocals, backing vocals -- he was just incredible.”

Cruise's versions are included on the film's soundtrack, which hits stores tomorrow (June 5). Def Leppard's American tour with Poison and Lita Ford begins June 20 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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