Deep Purple seem to be giving some of their new material an old-fashioned road test.

As captured in this fan-shot footage, the band debuted a pair of new songs during their Oct. 25 stop in Łódź, Poland. You can check them out as part of a 21-minute highlight reel from the show.

As guitarist Steve Morse recently revealed, the members of Deep Purple have already written what sounds like a significant amount of material for their next studio LP. Predicting they'd be in the studio "about the middle of January" next year, he said, "We’ve been working on the material, several writing sessions, and we have one more session before we actually start recording."

Bassist Roger Glover told Ultimate Classic Rock that Bob Ezrin, who produced the band's most recent effort, 2013's Now What?!, will be back behind the boards for the new record — and credited Ezrin with breathing new life into their creative process. "He worked us. I think he inspired us," said Glover. "His two words were, 'Stretch out.' I think we did stretch out."

Ezrin may also be the one to thank for the new songs in Deep Purple's set list. "It’s something we’ve avoided in the past, maybe because people get a glimpse of your new album on YouTube or something similar and it’s usually from an audience point of view and it’s crap sound, and we haven’t really finished writing the song," Glover pointed out. "Things proliferate on the internet frighteningly. But Bob Ezrin said, 'No, it’s a great thing to do; it creates interest' and this, that and the other, so we might try that."

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