Deep Purple will celebrate their long-awaited induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the best possible way — by heading into the studio to work on new music.

Speaking with Detroit classic-rock station WCSX, drummer Ian Paice confirmed that the band will shortly be setting up camp in Nashville to work with producer Bob Ezrin, who helmed the boards for their 2013 release Now What?! "We start around the end of January," said Paice. "We had such a great time making the last record that we just want to try to duplicate that the next time around."

According to Paice, there's no shortage of new material between the band members — he predicted they have "probably more than we need" — which means the Nashville sessions will serve to help Ezrin and the group decide which numbers to cull from the herd. "There is a weeding process that happens when you start listening back in clarity. So, you know, the runts of the litter will be discarded and the best 10 or 11 tracks will be worked on."

Paice's words echo earlier comments from guitarist Steve Morse, who said last fall that the band had already held "several writing sessions" for the next LP and predicted a January start date for recording in earnest. The band debuted a pair of new songs, presumably front-runners for the upcoming album's track listing, during a tour stop in October.

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