Deep Purple have released a trailer for their upcoming documentary, From Here to InFinite.

The movie will be released on home video on Nov. 3. It was shot during the making of the band's latest album, InFinite, which arrived in April, and is tied into its current Long Goodbye tour that may or may not be Deep Purple's last. You can watch the trailer above.

The group's future is addressed in the new video, as bassist Roger Glover reports, “We’re just going to carry on and see how it goes.” “I’m not!" singer Ian Gillan responds.

From Here to InFinite, in addition to the documentary, also includes more than two hours of bonus material, including three previously unreleased live videos for “Time for Bedlam,” “Birds of Prey” and “Smoke on the Water,” behind-the-scenes footage, outtakes, band interviews and an audio commentary that was recorded while the band watched the documentary for the first time.

You can see the track listing for From Here to InFinite below.

A three-disc vinyl set, The InFinite Live Recordings, Pt 1, will also be released next month. It was recorded at Hellfest 2017 in France and features an 80-minute performance.

Deep Purple: 'From Here to InFinite' Track Listing
The Movie
Audio commentary by Deep Purple
Live at Hellfest 2017 –
1. “Time for Bedlam”
2. “Birds of Prey”
3. “Smoke on the Water”
Outtakes from the movie –
1. Full interview with Joe Satriani
2. Corky the recording engineer
Official music videos –
1. “The Surprising”
2. “Johnny’s Band”
3. “Johnny’s Band Documentary”
4. “All I Got is You”
Interviews –
1. About the album
2. Beyond the album
3. Track by track
4. Rapid fire interview
5. Behind-the-scenes photoshoot



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