With the tour dates still fresh in mind, Deep Purple have captured this summer's orchestral tour for a new release, 'Deep Purple with Orchestra – Live at Montreux 2011,' set for release on double CD, DVD and Blu-ray on Nov. 8.

Purple guitarist Steve Morse was careful to note that the trek wouldn't be a stodgy affair, saying that “this one isn’t going to be orchestra-based so much as, it’s the rock band Deep Purple playing, with strings and horns being added for some color textures.”

Definitely rock-focused, Ian Gillan summarizes the experience in the liner notes for the new release, which collects the band's two hour career-spanning performance, explaining that “this is not symphonic, classic meets rock. It's got far more swing to it than that.”

He goes on to say that the arrangements “come from a variety of sources” and they remind him “far more of great soul sections like the Muscle Shoals, the Alabama guys or the Stax Atlantic crews. The only orchestral classical elements are the tympani but even the cello and double basses are integrated into the groove.”

The band enjoyed this summer's performances immensely and bassist Roger Glover called the group an “albums band,” something that is reflected in the deep setlist choices and he says that the fans know what Deep Purple is all about.

“People who love us know we're not fashionable or God forbid, trendy. We aren't courting publicity or going out of our way to be impressive. We're just trying to be ourselves and play music that allows for change but also admits that some things never change.”

As fans soak in the orchestral vibes of the Montreux performance, a new album from Deep Purple remains an unconfirmed possibility – Gillan told reporters earlier this year that he hoped the group would put out new material in 2012. The band currently remains on the road as tour dates take them to Brazil, Chile and the U.K.

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